Great people to run with!
  • Joy reviewed 1 year ago

This is such a great group! Everyone is very welcoming, supportive and fun! Have you ever felt like running or biking or hiking would be more fun if your friends would join you? Training for a marathon and need some motivation or new route ideas? That’s what this group is. A bunch of people who want to be active and get to know you, go on runs with you, go for a bike ride. The group Facebook page is a great landing spot to find events or even Q&A about something you have been interested in/struggling with. Need a 10 miler this weekend but don’t want to go solo? There is probably someone who would be willing to join you!

This group has changed running for me.. the weekend group runs are great to meet a variety of people at all different paces and distances. I have trained for a marathon by myself and it’s definitely more fun when you can have someone to chat with for multiple hours. I have met a lot of great people who have given me high fives, cheers, as well as challenged me to pick up my pace and run those dang hills. I can’t say enough about this group – if you do outdoor stuff and you want to find like-minded people, this is a group for you.

All inclusive
  • Emi reviewed 1 year ago

Fantastic group! I got out of the habit of running when I was pregnant the last time and I started to wonder if I would ever get back into it. This group was very encouraging, inclusive, and welcoming(even though I was much slower than most of the group) someone always ran/walked with me so that I didn’t get left behind. I am so grateful to have them in my life!

All paces welcome!
  • Kathi reviewed 1 year ago

Great support & lots of encouragement.

Fun and happy people!
  • Heather W. reviewed 1 year ago

Eastwind is such a fun, supportive group! We genuinely love, support, and encourage each other. I have made some of my best friends in this group. We run, cycle, swim, walk, hike, talk, eat, drink, sing and of course selfie! You’ll find us all over East County running, then eating at local small businesses. Come join us!

  • Chris R. reviewed 1 year ago

Love this group. I have made many friends who are so fun to run with and are helping me be a faster runner just by joining in on the group runs. They offer runs on roads and trails and all different distances. Plus great socials after some of the runs to get to know everyone better.

Fantastic group of fun and supportive folks
  • Mike Strobel reviewed 1 year ago

Eastwind serves runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, walkers, and anyone else who enjoys physical activities. They offer daily runs, huge weekend running/walking group activities, cycling groups, swimming groups, social activities and special topic lectures. With over 130 members and 568 followers on FB, the group is growing quickly and offering more opportunities for folks generally on the east side of Portland and including Gresham, Sandy, Estacada Troutdale and Fairview, but also has active members from Beaverton and Vancouver. A very supportive and fun group, with positive support for all levels, paces and distances of fitness-minded people.

good store, knowledgeable staff

These guys are much better than going to your local sporting good store. purchased multiple pairs of shoes for cross country running. they analyze your stance and find the shoe for you

Great Store!
  • Greg reviewed 2 years ago

I’ve used this store the last few times I was in need, and they were exceptional to work with!!

Best store in town!

Katey Angel is an absolute GEM!

Best in town!


Great for overall light strength!

The first time I took this class I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I was sweating, using weights with yoga poses…it made zero sense. But I gave it another few rounds. I increased my weights and started to really understand how it can benefit the runners body. Because of the overall body workout, this sculpt class works on stabilizing muscles, glute strength and upper body strength. So, when I fatigue, I feel a difference in how I break down. I feel like I can use the strength from muscle groups that previously were not as strong, so I didn’t really know they could support me the way they do.

Depending on the teacher, you can get everything from Richard Simmons to Jillian Michaels – type teachers. Music from Dirty Dancing and Flashdance or the latest rap from Snoop Dog. Whatever the case, it generally is so entertaining that the hour goes by pretty quickly.

Modify where you need to. I never jump. Ever. I just do core or air squats. And after a year of modifying, I no longer get strange looks.

Love Nike!
  • Guest reviewed 4 years ago

I’ve ran with this group a few times and they always bring the energy, whether it’s the employees or the other regulars you are going to have a great time! They normally have fun different activities during their runs each week and often do Nike Training Club as well. Definitely a must!

Love Solemates In Motion!
  • Kiwi816 reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

I love Solemates because they welcome women of all fitness levels. I consider myself a beginner runner and I love the group runs/walks because I am always free to go at my own pace but am also encouraged and motivated by everyone else. I can ask questions and advice of the more experienced runners. Great group of ladies!

solemates in motion

I like Solemates in Motion because it does not only include one type of woman. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old; fit or not fit, runner or walker, you will feel like part of the group. We receive all kinds of information about walks/runs and advise from others that have had experience where you may be just starting out. There is no pressure to go from walking to running or to walk or run faster or longer, but lots of help if that is what your goal is. The group run/walks are great. You get to connect with awesome women in different areas of Portland and SW Washington. Besides feeling good physically, you get the added bonus of feeling good about giving back to the community through the giving part of Solemates.

Helping you get the RIGHT shoe!

I had been running in the same shoe for over 10 years. I was told I needed a change and I knew it. I went to Fit Right in Portland and had a gait analysis from an expert shoe fitter/former pro runner/rad coach (who else would you want advising you?!) and he introduced me to a new brand and a whole new world of shoe possibilities. He watched me run barefoot and with shoes and we discussed my running in depth. He was so helpful and guided me to find some of the best shoes I have ever worn and feel great in, and they improved my running dramatically. This store is all around friendly and fun, and there are pro runners working in there, does it get any better?!

Become the runner you want to be!

I’ve been running with Team Athena for 5 years and I am the runner I have become because of Team Athena. With the camaraderie and support from this group of women you can truly become whatever kind of runner you choose. TA does a great job of catering to runners of various levels, from beginners to former top collegiate athletes. Not only do you find great workout partners with workouts written by amazing coaches but also incredible friends and you can share and learn the many secrets and tricks to running with each other. If you are a woman looking to train, learn and be supported by other dedicated female athletes this group won’t disappoint you. Give it a try, everybody’s first step out onto the track is terrifying but you quickly realize: the people are wonderful, you CAN do the workouts, and the benefits are indescribable and very personal.

Great Group!

I have been part of this group since March 2014, and I really like it. There are monthly group runs in really picturesque spots, and all paces are welcome (walkers to marathoners!) I have always felt accepted and welcomed, and I am a “back of the pack” runner. When you join you get a cute necklace (yeah!!) and access to discount codes on races and running events. Wendi is super organized and very friendly. Oh yeah, and they have cute running gear!

If you’re looking for a running group in SE Portland area, this one is great.

  • mimirns reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

I love this group!! I had been searching for a way to give back while doing what I love and this is it! Besides giving to other women, I have support, encouragement and new friends. Wendi is in contact with every member and makes sure everyone is welcome and getting what they want out of the group. I found other groups just take your money and leave you wandering in the running world. Not this group! All the ladies believe in each other in running and your life outside!!

Love the group!

I’ve only been a member a little over a month, but I’m so impressed with Wendi and the Solemates group. Wendi works hard to schedule group runs and collect donations for local organizations. Doing great things one step at a time :-)
I also appreciate the discounts on local races.
Wendi works really hard at this and I’m so happy to be a member. Looking forward to all the scheduled events with this group!


Good mix of training groups

The PRC Scholls store has a number of excellent training groups that I would recommend to any new or experienced runner. In the summer, most of the runs are on the Fanno Creek trail, a relatively flat paved running/biking trail near the store. In the winter, runs are on nearby roads, although always in areas with sidewalks. Both options make for good weekday runs, and groups typically have good options for a variety of paces. In general, I would say that runs at the Scholls store tend a little more toward runners in the 8+ min/mile category, although some faster folks show up too. Amenities are excellent – the store has water, a box to keep your keys safe, and of course knowledgeable staff if you need to buy shoes or gear. There are also quite frequently events sponsored by various shoe companies at the group runs, which let you try out new shoes for a whole run (much more enlightening than a jog through the parking lot) and then an opportunity to win a pair of shoes or other items at the end. If you live anywhere nearby, this is a running hub worth checking out! If you find that one night is not a perfect fit, try another night, as composition of groups does vary a bit (Monday runs have more fast folks; Wednesday has more walkers). Any night you go, though, you should find that everyone is very friendly.

Thanks so much Portland Running Company!

I just want to say a public thank you to all associated with Portland Running Company. It’s owners Dave and Paula Harkin, its friendly and knowledgeable staff — AND the great runners/leaders that come out to PRC’s group runs to welcome everyone there and to provide encouragement to all. There are winners in running, but to me, all who participate can think of themselves as winners. Everyone can improve and can thus be a winner. The group runs at PRC are a real encouragement to “regular” people who run or walk at all different paces and distances. Participation and engagement are what counts and the PRC folks encourage us all to participate in their events (and others in the community) as well as be engaged with the other regular folks running and walking around us.

All of this has certainly encouraged my running and has provided me with a community to join.

Thanks again!

Training for marathon #2

I trained by myself for my first marathon last year and I’m in the midst of training with Portland Fit for my second marathon. Already I’m seeing the benefits of group long runs and the individual training Portland Fit has us doing during the week. Lots of fun people from a range of running/walking experience and backgrounds so anybody can fit right in. I’m optimistic about really lowering my time in October at Portland Marathon.

The ONLY place to go

When I first got into running I was hesitant about going into a running store where everyone was, presumably, an accomplished runner. But the accomplished runners at Portland Running Company were warm and welcoming to me as a newbie and continue to be informative and encouraging as I become a better runner. PRC is the only place I’ll go.

Great Multi Level / Age Group

This is a very personable group that does mid week trail runs as well. They are very welcoming, catch everyone up mid run, and meet for coffee afterwards. Primarily Forest Park.

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Ann works with an athlete not a system

In a 4 week period, I had a 50 minute PR in an Ironman 10:54 Ran the Suavie Island Marathon to get my first ever BQ with a 3:17 and had another 25 Minute PR at Lake Steven 70.3.

it was my 7th Ironman, my previous PR was from 2003. Numerous 1/2 iron distance triathlons my previous PR was from 2002. My previous Marathon PR was 3:15 in 1991. I also got a 10K PR albeit only a 2 minute PR.

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