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4804 N Albina Ave, #1 Portland, OR, United States

At Anatomy Acupuncture, Portland’s Sports Medicine Acupuncture® Specialist, we provide an integrative approach to sports medicine & general health in the Portland area. Our approach combines the best of traditional Chinese medicine and biomedical modalities to keep you healthy and active. We love working with runners to help you heal faster and move better!

Great for exercise-related injuries

As an over-50 runner, and someone who has tried a number of different health care modalitites — massage, chiropractic, PT, etc. — over the years to recover from exercise-related injuries, I hold Alexis’s skills and knowledge in extremely high regard. Her initial intake of me was in-depth and thorough, and her treatments — along with the home exercises she assigned — addressed both the injury itself and the physical weaknesses and imbalances that helped me get injured in the first place. She also addressed some other non-running related issues I had going on. Alexis takes time to ask about and listen to what’s really going on with you. When I read about how many professional runners are beginning to use acupuncture as part of their recovery toolkit, I decided to give Alexis a try, and I’m extremely glad that I did!

Date of Review
July 13, 2014 3:31 pm
Type of injury(s) this practitioner treated you for (Optional)
Hip/glute/piriformis pain
What are his/her go-to methods of treatment? (Optional)
needles, cupping, massage, strength exercises
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25-35 miles/week
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Alexis-Goldstein.png 4 years ago
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Alexis-Goldstein LAc CSMA.png 4 years ago by Alexis Goldstein
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