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10180 SE Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas, OR 97015, United States

From Dr. Howard: My experience stretches all over the map.

I graduated from Ross University School of Medicine and became a pediatric resident at University of Connecticut, where I received my master’s in Public Health. After graduation, I started working as a women’s health care provider for the Indian Health Service in Bethel, Alaska, and also served the surrounding villages.

Once I completed my residency, I left Alaska to spend three years as a general practitioner in the exact opposite climate: the city of Harare, Zimbabwe. When I returned to the states, I worked at Oregon Health & Science University student health service and at the same time did temporary work for Kaiser Permanente. In 2005, I became a permanent staff member, and in 2008, I became the lead pediatrician at Rockwood.

Need a doc who gets it?

I went to Dr. Howard on a referral from my PC, and was dreading having to explain to another non-runner that my mileage is not abnormal, and that stopping running altogether is simply not an option. My hip had been giving me trouble for a while and was not getting much better, so my chiropractor wanted me to try and get an MRI to see what it could be. Dr. Howard started our visit with a general list of questions, and my responses soon changed her questions to those that only fellow runner would know to ask.

Dr. Howard is an accomplished triathlete and Ironwoman who has the experience to understand running/biking/swimming injuries and how those impact the day-to-day life of runners, cyclists, and swimmers. It was not only refreshing, but encouraging to talk with a doctor who spoke my language and understood what taking a few days off of running would mean to me. When she asked me to promise to not run until the results of my MRI came back, I was able to promise without crossing my fingers behind my back and feeling like I was being talked down to.

Not only am I happy to say my MRI came back clean, but Dr. Howard called me herself to tell me and said she would look for me at the tri we are both doing on Sunday. If you have Kaiser, I highly recommend Dr. Howard. She gets it!

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June 19, 2014 10:06 am
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Hip/glute/piriformis pain
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Strength exercises via PT
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Yes, triathlete
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35-50 miles/week
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