Marlena Rae, LMT – Lifestyles Physical Therapy


Marlena knows what to do and exactly how to do it to work out your problem sites. She is wonderful. She, like Kelly, the PT she works with, seems to intuitively get how your body is working (or not working) and will fix it. She has years of experience so I think she’s seen and worked with everything. Her super strong fingers dig in to get to the issue and I’ve always walked away with so much more mobility back in my glutes, hips, it band, legs, etc.

I appreciate how Kelly and Marlena work together to get my body to a healthier, happier state.

Date of Review
March 4, 2014 5:04 pm
Type of injury(s) this practitioner treated you for (Optional)
Ankle tightness/pain, Knee pain, Hamstring pain, Hip/glute/piriformis pain, Low back pain
What are his/her go-to methods of treatment? (Optional)
Deep tissue massage
Is this health practitioner an athlete? If yes, please list type. (Optional)
I don't know?
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3:07 marathon
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