Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14

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From Brooks: Fresh out of charm school, the newest Adrenaline is smoother and smarter than any other. This time we amped up the velvety goodness of the Segmented Crash Pad by adding full ground contact for a crazy nice heel-to-toe transition. Brooks DNA provides adaptable cushioning so your feet will glide through every turn. Heading upstairs, new lacing design evens out lace pressure to create a snug fit, and 3D Fit Print adds a lightweight, flexible, no-stitch fit. With fresh looks and lines, this go-to shoe is ready to fly. The creme de la creme of support, cushion, and balance is the Adrenaline GTS 14.
Midsole drop: 12mm
Women’s Version Weight: 9.4 oz
Men’s Version Weight: 11.3 oz.
Review for Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 women's running shoe

I recently started to run in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 shoe. I would have never selected these shoes but a good friend within the running community asked me to run in them. I am very selective on my running shoes because I have flat feet and have been told many times that I should run in motion control shoes or add inserts for support to my shoes. So for years, I wore Asics Evolution, Asics Foundation, and Saucony Stabil, and didn’t have any problem with my arches. If I ever tried to run more than 3 miles in any other shoe, my feet would begin hurting because the shoes just lacked the support that my feet required.
When my friend fitted me with the Brooks Adrenaline, she told me to go up ½ size up from what I typically had been running in (I typically would wear a 7-1/2 and went up to an 8). She recommended the increase in size because of the high mileage I was doing and she couldn’t have been more right. The shoe is also lighter than what I was currently running in and I noticed it as soon as I laced up and went out for my first run on my new shoes. I highly recommend this shoe to individuals who are flat footed or overpronators. Happy Running!

May 8, 2014 3:41 pm
How many miles do you typically run per week? (optional)
25-35 miles/week
What is your typical training pace or a recent race time? (optional)
8 min/mile
What is your favorite running shoe? (optional)
Brooks Adrenaline GTS
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