New Balance 1600v2

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From New Balance: Shave time off what you thought was your best in the New Balance 1600v2 racing flat. With premium traction for slick roads and a snug upper, this shoe is a fierce competitor for those who are in it to win.

Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm
Women’s Version Weight: 132 grams (4.6 oz)
Men’s Version Weight: 156 grams (5.5 oz)
Fast, light, and good traction

I love this shoe! One thing I really like about this racing flat is the tackiness on the forefoot. Racing in the Pacific Northwest means alot of racing on wet roads. Unlike other racing flats, I know that when I go to make a move or power up a hill in a race I’m not going to loose ground by slipping with this shoe. The shoe is also feather light (5 oz). I wear these shoes for the half marathon and shorter. I also use this shoes for track work. They are fantastic on the track but yet cushioned enough to handle a long warm-up and cool down on the roads.

November 24, 2015 5:57 pm
How many miles do you typically run per week? (optional)
50+ miles/week
What is your typical training pace or a recent race time? (optional)
I use this shoe for workouts between 5:20-5:50 pace.
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  • Amy
    Awesome, review! Thanks for sharing. I need to try this one!
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wrc1600h_nb_14_i.jpeg 2 years ago
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