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I purchased the Verrazano Bra last fall and it quickly became my go-to sports bra. I think I have it in something like five colors now. It just fits perfectly. The band is snug without being tight. The multiple straps, designed after the Verrazano Bridge in NYC, provide comfortable and even support. The fabric is soft and breathable while remaining compressive. I’ve worn it up to 26.2 miles with absolutely no chafing issues. As a bonus, it comes with removable cups that add just a bit of shape and coverage, but the bra is fine on its own too. I like pairing it with a racerback tank, as the straps peek out for a fun pop of color.

April 5, 2015 2:17 pm
How many miles do you typically run per week? (optional)
50+ miles/week
What is your typical training pace or a recent race time? (optional)
Just ran 59:17 in the Shamrock 15K!
What is your favorite running shoe? (optional)
Nike Zoom Elite
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verrazano roga.jpg 3 years ago by Liz Anjos in Innovative Suspension
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Oiselle Verrazano-Liz.jpg 3 years ago
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Oiselle Verrazano Roga-Liz.jpg 3 years ago
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