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From SportLegs: Lactic acid muscle “burn” gets worse with age, so sports and exercise hurt more than they used to. Unless you take patented SportLegs first. It primes muscles with lactate, your muscles’ natural fuel, so they make less lactic acid. It works better than electrolytes, without sodium or painkillers.

What’s in SportLegs?  The active ingredients are premium natural-source European lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium plus Vitamin D.  (Lactate isn’t lactose.  No dairy-source ingredients are in SportLegs.)  Other ingredients to extend shelf life by preserving the delicate Vitamin D are gluten-free modified corn starch, sucrose, sodium ascorbate, dl-alpha tocopherol, vegetable oil triglycerides and silicon dioxide.  These premium ingredients are packed into color-free vegetable capsules.

How is SportLegs different from ordinary calcium/magnesium supplements? Ordinary “cal/mag” supplements are typically carbonate, citrate, phosphate or gluconate compounds.  SportLegs uses lactate (not lactose) compounds of these minerals.  Lactate accounts for 86.4% of the capsules’ ingredients, and is the key to why SportLegs makes a difference you can feel in an hour, and ordinary “cal-mag” supplements don’t.

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Definitely worth trying!!!

I had read several blogs of runners who use this product so when I was at REI picking up some fuel and I saw the Sport Legs I decided to give them a try.
Try them for the first time in a marathon, why not?? I followed the instructions and took them before the race. I did not take any during but could have after the 2 hour mark. While I can not say for sure that it was due to the Sport Legs this was by far the best my legs have felt in a race. I did not get the marathon burn until mile 24 and my legs felt really good after the race. Tired but they did not hurt. I did have post race soreness but way less than any of the other 10 marathons I have run.
I will be trying these again once I am doing long hard workouts again.

January 14, 2015 11:20 pm
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