A definite favorite!
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I’ve had a pair of the Lululemon Inspire Crop tights for a few years (so it’s probably a prior version), and among my many pairs of tights, they’re one of my most favorites. The fabric is soft and smooth against my skin, they fit really well through the hips and crotch (I hate saggy tights!), they have a flattering cut, and a nice rise, (not too low or too high). They breathe really well, so I don’t feel overheated even when I wear them to the gym for cardio. The back zip pocket is big enough to just barely fit my iPhone 5s, and the waistband pockets are great for gels, shot blocks, or a key. I’ve had them for years and they still look like new, they wear so well. Love them!

Running Sports Bra

After years of searching for a good sports bra that was supportive for those with a C cup or greater, and didn’t chafe anywhere after a long run I found this sports bra at Lululemon. I was fortunate enough to find it on the sale rack in just the right size, and have since bought 6 more. Excellent, supportive sports bra. Has been washed many times after long runs and still continues to smell fresh. Very please with the fact it doesn’t chafe because I always had a problem with that in the center of my chest– I can now train and race with this problem and I don’t have to worry about any issue. Very pleased with this sports bra and would recommend it to everyone, especially those with larger chests!

Beautiful sports bra that feels great on
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I have two of these Lululemon Energy Bras, and I love them. They come in vibrant colors, and the criss-crossing straps in the back are cute and unique. Lululemon fabrics are super soft to the skin so it feels great on. Lululemon says it’s a light support bra for yoga, but I found that if I buy a snug size, it’s super supportive (and still no problem to pull on over my head). I like that it comes with removable cups (a standard feature for Lululemon bras I believe). I have friends who have this bra and love it, too! Would definitely recommend it.

It will invite attention

I bought this tank because it was breathable and lightweight for the stair-master and running. Little did I know that it would attract so much attention! I get so many compliments on it! People that I have never seen or met often tell me that it looks so cool. And while it does its job of being extremely light and airy, be warned, you will want to purchase new sports bras to flaunt underneath.

still my favorite running socks

been buying these socks for about 5 years now – the cushion in the toe and heel is great, they’re super comfy, stay dry very well, and last pretty long as far as socks go (i put in 60-80 miles a week so i can plow through socks). a little pricey so i’m always looking for sales or discounts.

good, natural bars with real ingredients

great energy bars before/during a workout; lauren’s mega nuts, smooth caffeinator, and blueberry boomdizzle are some of my favorites.

Just what I needed!!

Coming back from an injury is never fun. As I started to be able to run more miles, I was struggling with what shoe felt the best. Each run, I would put on a different pair and hope for the best, and each run I came home feeling as if something wasn’t quite right. Then, after speaking to a few friends that had the Zante, and reading one of the reviews on this site, I decided to order a pair. And I am so glad I did. My first run in them was the Holiday Half Marathon, an event I was using more as a training run then a race. Instantly, I felt the support in the Zante, and noticed that I finally felt like my old self. This is a great lightweight shoe, with some good arch support. I think it is a great companion to the 1400. I can’t wait for the official launch of this shoe so I can order another pair!

The 1400s has a friend!

When I first bought the Zantes I thought they were too cute to run in. So I wore them around and they were so comfy. When I went on a trip and realized I didn’t want to pack sneakers and running shoes I just took the Zantes. I ran a few miles on the roads in Palm Springs in them and couldn’t believe that I liked them. Wore them a few more times and thought, hey these are comfy, minimal feeling, I think these are a friend of new balances 1400s, my favorite shoe ever.

I continued to do easy training runs in them and was so happy I’d found another every day trainer where I didn’t feel the shoe! That’s my ideal shoe: when you feel nothing. Not them I’m into super minimal shoes at all. Just a good solid stable shoe without fluff.

Tried them out on trails and whoops! I almost went down, no traction for muddy trails so watch out.

Loving these for daily miles on the roads.

Fresh Foam Zante

The Fresh Foam Zante have been the answer to my second pair of shoes to train in outside of my beloved 1400s, especially for those days I need a little more cush without sacrificing weight or flexibility.

The upper gets a 5+ score. Simple, sock line, amazing. I wish more shoes had an upper this great!

The last also gets a 5. The shoe is on a brand new VL-6 last which has a 6mm offset and slightly curved, which gives my toes plenty of room to spread out and be healthy and strong!

The shoe is more flexible than you would think, which is good and bad. Compared to the Fresh Foam Boracay, the flexibility was a welcome addition, but it also makes for not so good of a hilly trail shoe. My feet felt like they were working really hard on some of those runs. But if flexibility is for you, than maybe this is a good thing!

The simple one piece outsole & midsole is awesome and makes for a perfect road running shoe. On the other hand, it can make for a slippery trail shoe if the trails are muddy and wet.

Although I’ve seen some New Balance athletes love this shoe for tempos and faster days, I’ve preferred my 1400s with a stiffer shank while lending to a still flexible forefoot.

So although this shoe is perfect in most situations, the fact that it’s not an overall go-to shoe for every day (ie fast and hilly/muddy trail days) gives it a 4.5. Because I guess not every shoe I really like should get a 5 :)

Definitely my new favorite water bottle
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

I first heard about Hydro Flask water bottles in July during a hot track workout. The water in my standard plastic water bottle soon tasted like bath water and was hard to stomach. Two friends told me that water in Hydro Flask water bottles stays cold for hours even on a hot summer day. Months later, I read reviews of the Hydro Flask, and I was intrigued. One reviewer said he left the water bottle in his hot car for hours and came back to still hear ice clinking in it. Another reviewer said she loved the water bottle so much she would buy it even if it cost $500. The reviews had me sold. I purchased the 40 oz. Hydro Flask with the optional straw lid (the hardest part was picking the color), and I love it. A few points:

  1. My water really does stay ice cold for hours. I can get my water bottle ready the night before a run or workout, and it’s still ice cold the next day. Amazing! I love being out the door for a workout a little faster in the wee hours of the morning when I’m all bleary-eyed.
  2. I love the 40 oz. size. Before, if I would be away from home for more than a 2-3 hours, I would have to bring two water bottles with me. No more! 40 oz. is plenty of water to keep me hydrated for hours.
  3. Even though the 40 oz. is a big water bottle, it’s narrow enough to fit in the cup holders of my car and my husband’s, a great feature.
  4. This water bottle does not sweat. That means I can leave it on my wooden desk without worrying it will create rings, ruining the surface.
  5. I love the optional straw lid so I don’t have to tip the bottle back every time I want a drink. It makes it much easier to drink on-the-go without spilling and to drink water safely while driving. The straw lid also has a handy notch on it so I can flip it up and down without having to touch the drinking surface, keeping it a little more free of germs. The straw lid also provides really good water flow.
  6. With my old plastic water bottle with straw lid, the water would gradually warm up, and when I flipped open the straw lid, water would come spilling out, creating a mess all over me, my car, or wherever I was. Because the water stays cold in my Hydro Flask bottle, I’ve never had the problem of flipping open the top and having water surge out.

While the water bottle is a little pricey (I paid $33.29 for mine on Amazon and another $9-10 for the straw lid), you really do get what you pay for. With a lifetime warranty, I plan on using this thing forever. I can’t wait to take it around in my car and to the track this summer.

I'm a believer!!

After hearing about UCAN for over a year from some of my training partners I finally gave it a try about a year ago. I still remember the first time I tried it, I was just starting to train hard for Boston 2014 and I had a 14 miler with 8 at gmp. After asking many questions and getting tips on how to make it not so chalky I gave it a try. Whoa!! What a difference it made. I had lots of energy for my run and I had no GI distress. Plus I did not have to fuel during that run. For runs less than 20 miles I find that I do not need to fuel anymore during the run.
I usually 1/2 plain and 1/2 lemonade in a blender with some ice. I recommend that if you can you blend it. While it is still not my favorite thing to drink it works so well, it is worth it. I have since used it for many long hard workouts, 9 1/2 marathons and 2 full marathons. Before UCAN I struggled to fuel correctly during my workouts and races. I know have it figured out and am so happy with how I feel when I use UCAN. I highly recommend UCAN!!!!

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Definitely worth trying!!!

I had read several blogs of runners who use this product so when I was at REI picking up some fuel and I saw the Sport Legs I decided to give them a try.
Try them for the first time in a marathon, why not?? I followed the instructions and took them before the race. I did not take any during but could have after the 2 hour mark. While I can not say for sure that it was due to the Sport Legs this was by far the best my legs have felt in a race. I did not get the marathon burn until mile 24 and my legs felt really good after the race. Tired but they did not hurt. I did have post race soreness but way less than any of the other 10 marathons I have run.
I will be trying these again once I am doing long hard workouts again.

I love this shoe!!

I have been running in the 1400’s for a little over a year. I love this shoe. I can wear it on the trail or the road, on dry, wet or snowy surfaces and it always performs. I recent ran in very cold snowy conditions in the Midwest and it had the perfect amount of traction. It is very lightweight and I barely notice that I have shoes on at all. It provides the perfect amount of support for my neutral running self and I love how I can feel the road beneath my feet.
For my last marathon I had to wear a brand new pair out of the box, yes s major racing no no but when they get lost in the mail sometes you do what you have to do. I had absolutely no issues and I loved them!! I highly recommend this shoe!!

Best Ice Pack for Runners!
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I adore this ice pack. I keep it in my freezer, so I can use it whenever something is achy or painful and needs to be iced. Even when frozen, it stays soft and flexible. When thawing, it stays perfectly dry so icing doesn’t become a wet mess. It can be used as a heat pack as well, but I’ve only used it for icing. They come in various sizes, are very reasonably priced, and are an Amazon Prime item! Love this ice pack!

protein enhanced UCAN for recovery, meal replacement, anything :)

I use protein enhanced UCAN (Vanilla Cream is my favorite) on a daily basis. It is a great post-run recovery drink and the super starch helps to keep your blood sugars stable after the workout. I love how I can drink it and it allows me enough time to come home, clean up and then make a good meal decision, instead of coming home after a workout starving and looking for anything to eat. I am also in my car a lot and spend a lot of time on I-5…as you know there are not always the healthiest food choices right off freeway exits. I always keep a packet or two in my car to have as a meal replacement or mid-afternoon snack. While it is great with just water, I also will blend it with things such as almond milk, almond butter, bananas, coconut water, etc…

game changer

I started using UCAN 4-5 years ago after my chiropractor recommended it to me. I had been struggling with GI distress during races that were causing me to not fuel, bonk and have less than stellar performances. Justin told me that there was “a new product from this small company in Connecticut that some of the pros (MEB!) are starting to use and having some success. Its a little chalky, but you might want to look into it” I came home that day and looked on the Generation UCAN website. I read the science behind UCAN and it made sense to me, so I decided to order some…and it really has been a game changer for me. A couple of times, I have decided to try some other product, but I would experience GI distress and then come right back to UCAN. My favorite flavor is the tropical orange and I always recommend to people that they blend it…it helps to eliminate the chalkiness. I use the superstarch before runs and workouts, as well as before and during races including half marathons, marathons and a half ironman triathlon. The energy is long and sustained, as it helps your body get into a fat burning zone more quickly. I love how simple it made my fueling for my half ironman. Where most athletes were having to fuel every 45 minutes or so on the bike and then every 2-3 miles on the run, I fueled a total of 4 times during my race…once in T1, twice on the bike, and once in T2. I completed the race in just under 6 hours on about 600-700 calories and never once felt energy deprived or like I needed fuel. I recommend UCAN to anyone and everyone I talk to. It is a great product and has made all the difference for me.

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Rehab and recovery with Correct Toes
  • bcforster reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Let me begin this review by saying that I am not the best at always taking care of my feet and legs. I often try to squeeze a run in before work which means I leave little, if any time for rolling, stretching, etc. And then as far as work goes, I stick my feet in 3-4 inch heels and head out the door, where I spend a majority of time in my car…sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? I have been dealing with injuries in both my Achilles Tendons since Boston and decided to purchase Correct Toes a couple of months ago. I had read about them a while back on Lauren Fleshman’s blog and was at the point in my recovery that I was willing to do and try anything if it meant I could get back out on the road and run. The first thing I noticed is how comfortable these toe spacers are. I have tried other, less expensive spacers in the past, but they were always awkward and uncomfortable and therefore I never used them much. The Correct Toes website recommends wearing the spacers in your shoes. I have not been using them this way (again, the 3-4 inch heels). Instead, I have been using them as a recovery tool after my morning runs and in the evenings when I am back home. In the morning, I simply put the spacers in after I shower and wear them while getting ready for work (multitasking at its best). They are very easy to walk in and it quickly has become part of my normal routine. And then, in the evening, I take off my heels and put the spacers in for a couple of hours. I love how the spacers help to stretch the muscles in my feet. I really feel like this is helping to take some of the load off of my Achilles’ and calves. I have already noticed that my toes are more aligned and I do feel this small step is part of the reason why I am back running double digit runs. I also love how they make me feel a little less guilty about not dedicating as much time to rolling…on those busy weekdays I am still doing something to take care of my body and keep me healthy in the future.

Lightweight and helps maintain effective stride!

I bought these shoes at a running store about one month ago after trying on many options. I noticed right away the low drop which changed the way my heal landed. I wasn’t sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing with me, but so far I really like them.

I have run long runs, track workouts, and short recovery runs in them. I would recommend these shoes for track workouts or shorter runs, probably nothing over 8 miles. I like the way the shoe fits, like a glove but not squished. I also like that they are supportive, but lightweight. They feel minimal but like there is still shoe there to support your foot. It feels a bit like you aren’t really wearing a shoe, but you are, and they don’t get in my way as I run around the track. I feel these shoes help me stride correctly which I usually do not notice about a shoe.

Give them a try and see what you think!

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UCAN is the best fueling product I have used

I am not a huge endorser of products unless I truly believe in them. UCAN is one of those products that has made a impact in my running life. I was introduced to UCAN during a time when I could hardly run due to major hydration and GI issues caused by a autoimmune condition. It was suggested I use UCAN by Krista Austin Ph.D, Exercise Physiology & Sport Nutrition to help my body hydrate more effectively. She told me to use it before and after long runs and hard workouts. During that time, it made all the difference in the world in my ability to even run at all.

It’s been years since then and I’m still using UCAN. I’m healthy now but I continue to enjoy the benefits of the consistent energy UCAN provides. I no longer have GI issues and feel my body likes how easy UCAN is to digest and use. I fuel before long runs/hard workouts with the Cran-Raz and use the Chocolate protein after. I like to mix the Chocolate in my blender with peanut butter and sometimes a banana. I look forward to this treat after my long runs!

A bit of a warning, the pre workout powder tastes a bit chalky but it’s worth it. The post workout chocolate is quite good I think. My only complaint about UCAN is I find it to be a bit spendy. Must be worth it though because I’ve used it consistently for three years and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

It really works!!!

I have had many issues with tight hamstrings, glutes, hips, quads, and IT band. I previously used a mix of the foam roller and a lacrosse ball to work out my tightness but found that the foam roller didn’t go deep enough and the lacrosse ball almost went too deep. This ball is the answer and it really works well. If I am tight at all after a long run or workout, I spend a little time rolling out the area. When I wake up the next day, I’m almost surprised to find the tightness gone. But it is! It’s like a targeted sports massage but better because I can use it whenever I need it! I highly recommend the Supernova!

This ball changed my life
  • sabes reviewed 3 years ago

Seriously-I love this ball. This past summer, I was running some high mileage while training for a couple of half marathons. As a result, I started to experience tightness in my SI. My friend kept telling me about the Supernova. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to be convinced. It wasn’t until the tightness in my SI left me completely unable to run that I decided to give the Supernova a try.

I’m so glad I did. I use this ball daily. It has decreased the tightness in my lower back, hip, hamstrings and SI. My husband also swears by it for his quads and even back. In the past, I’ve used foam rollers. They have nothing on the Supernova. This ball allows me to move my body easily in several directions, all while maintaining pressure and relieving tightness.

My husband and I swear by this ball. It goes everywhere with us. I wish I had bought it years ago.

Reaching for these shoes more and more
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

When it comes to shoes, I’m kind of like the Princess and the Pea. I’m pretty sensitive to change. My form changes slightly in each shoe, so it takes me several runs to determine what I think. After 11 runs in the Zantes, I think I’m ready to share my opinion.

I was really excited when I heard New Balance was pre-releasing their new running shoe, the Zante, for the NYC Marathon. I ordered it as soon as it was available. It’s a light-weight (6.5 oz for women), low-profile shoe (6mm drop) with more cushioning than just a racing flat. Most of my runs in the Zantes have been recovery/training runs on road, although I did wear them for a couple of mile-repeats on the track a few weeks ago. After a couple of repeats, I switched to the New Balance 1400, preferring them for track speed work over the Zante because I can “feel” the track better in the 1400. The extra cushioning in the Zante seemed to get in the way a bit for speed.

When I first put on the Zantes, I felt a band of prominent cushioning in the forefoot, just ahead of where my arch sits. I wondered if it would bother me, but I’ve gotten used to it and don’t really notice it when I run. (Other friends haven’t experienced the same prominent forefoot cushioning feel. It may just have to do with the shape of my foot.)

I love how light-weight the shoe is while still retaining enough cushioning to feel comfortable on a recovery run. I love the 6mm drop because it promotes a slightly more forefoot foot strike that helps me feel more smooth and symmetrical when I run. The toe box is slightly wider than some other New Balance shoes I’ve worn which is great! The tongue is sewn into the upper so it stays put. The upper is soft and flexible making the shoe feel almost cozy. I LOVE the laces – super soft to touch and the perfect width, so they stay tied securely. The style of the shoe is also super-cute, a fun bonus.

I’m giving the Zantes 4 stars instead of 5 because some days I still come home from a run going “hmmm, what do I think of this shoe?”. Some days they feel amazing, other days just okay. That’s why I love rotating them with a couple other shoes. However, I do notice myself reaching for them more and more, which means I must be liking them and adjusting to them. They’re definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a lightweight, neutral running shoe with a decent amount of cushioning. I love having them in my running shoe rotation.

Update – 5/18/15
In December, I severely injured my right heel while running a marathon. Coming back to running, my foot has been very sensitive to shoes, some making my foot feel really good, and my foot feeling really sore in others (limiting my running distances). Thanks to the review from bcforster, I had the courage to give the Zantes a try while I was still in the major healing phase. I was amazed that my foot felt so much better in the Zantes than in many of my other shoes. I think they encourage a good neutral foot motion and really allow my toes to spread. I still rotate them with other shoes, but the New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes have been great to keep me running as I recover from a foot injury, so I’m increasing my rating to 4.5 stars. Also, I think the reason I used to feel off in them some days is because I’ve discovered my right calf is tight and weak (and these shoes do have a lower drop, 6mm). When I do a good job of stretching my calves, I feel much smoother running in these shoes (and just running in general). Couldn’t live without my Zantes.

Amaze Ball!

This ball surpasses all my expectations! I have had low back and SI joint issues and this ball keeps me running and working out to my full potential. I will never use a lacrosse ball or tennis ball ever again. I love how it doesn’t slip because of the gripping surface it has. I recommend this to anyone who uses foam rolling and self care to prevent and treat injury!

My form is improving with this shoe
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 is the first 4mm drop shoe that has actually worked for me. I’ve tried the Brooks Pure Flow and Saucony Kinvara previously and they didn’t work out for me. It takes me several runs to decide what I think of a shoe, but after wearing the New Balance 980’s for dozens of miles, it’s promoting a more forefoot strike that is helping my right hip engage and help me run straighter!! My running form feels smoother as a result. It feels soft and supportive while remaining lightweight in feel. It feels stable and neutral underfoot, and I like that it has a slightly lower profile than more traditional running shoes.

I find myself reaching for this shoe time after time. I love rotating it with the New Balance Fresh Foam NYC Zante and the New Balance 1400.

I'm completely addicted to my MobilityWOD Supernova
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I originally learned about the Supernova last spring from my massage therapist. She sung its praises and credited it with overcoming a running injury. Initially I waited about three weeks to order thinking $40 was steep for a rolling tool. I finally purchased it, and this thing is worth every penny. At $40 bucks, if it saves one visit to a physical therapist or massage therapist, it’s already paid for itself. The nubby ends all around the ball really get into tight spots and break up fascia more effectively than any other rolling tool I’ve tried.

Originally I purchased the ball to help me with hamstring tightness and pain, and it worked like a charm. After a 21-mile marathon training run with 15-miles at marathon pace, I came home going “Uh-oh” in relation to subsequent hamstring pain and tightness. After rolling my hamstrings on the Supernova for a while, the bad tightness was gone and I was able to keep training uninterrupted.

Months later, I use the Supernova once or twice a day to roll out my glutes. My high glutes are habitually tight which prevents my SIs from moving properly (which can cause all kinds of other problems). When I relieve the tightness with the Supernova, my SIs move freely and I run straighter, more symmetrically, and healthier. Since beginning regular use of the Supernova, when I see my PT my alignment is almost straight on target. I credit the Supernova (as well as being diligent with strength exercises) with allowing my alignment to stay spot on despite heavy training because I’m regularly relieving tightness that would otherwise pull my low back and hips out of alignment.

I mainly use the Supernova to roll out my glutes and hamstrings, but I love using it for my low-back up against a wall as well. It also feels great to roll my feet on it.

As another benefit, it’s super easy to pack in a suitcase when I’m traveling. I love this thing! I’m totally addicted.

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