Hands down. Best shoe ever. And I’ve ran in a lot of shoes. Why, do you ask? Because, everything. The upper fits so well that it feels like nothing is on your feet yet when you run you suddenly feel that perfect amount of cushion. Enough cushion for a marathon! And yet it’s oh so responsive. Racing a road mile in these, I did not feel like I was losing energy in the shoe at all. The shape of the shoe is perfect as well. The 1400 proves that someone with crazy flexible and flat feet like myself can get away with a shoe like this because of the way the shape lets my foot support itself when I run. And can we talk about the colors? Pretty, cute, fun, and glow in the dark. It doesn’t get better than that! I only wish that it was made in widths as the racing fit last is a bit narrow, so I run in a men’s version for the D width. Crazy how a shoe can be so many things at once – my trainer, my racer, my lover…wait…

Soft and light
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago

The Boracay feels nice and cushioned without feeling heavy and bulky. I lean definitely towards more lightweight, neutral shoes, but sometimes pavement just feels “hard” in a lightweight shoe- not in the Boracay. I ran 21 miles in this shoe one day, a combo of roads and trails, and even when I transitioned from trail to road, the shoe still felt nice and soft. My only wish is that it provided a little more arch support.

Just what I needed!!

Coming back from an injury is never fun. As I started to be able to run more miles, I was struggling with what shoe felt the best. Each run, I would put on a different pair and hope for the best, and each run I came home feeling as if something wasn’t quite right. Then, after speaking to a few friends that had the Zante, and reading one of the reviews on this site, I decided to order a pair. And I am so glad I did. My first run in them was the Holiday Half Marathon, an event I was using more as a training run then a race. Instantly, I felt the support in the Zante, and noticed that I finally felt like my old self. This is a great lightweight shoe, with some good arch support. I think it is a great companion to the 1400. I can’t wait for the official launch of this shoe so I can order another pair!

Exactly what I wanted in a GPS watch
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago

I’ve run with an older Garmin, the Forerunner 305 model, for several years. It worked perfectly but was so heavy and bulky that the only time I used it was on tempo runs and some long runs. I kept wanting to buy a new Garmin but had a hard time justifying the cost when my current GPS watch worked perfectly. Fast forward to Hood to Coast a few weeks ago. The weather was chilly and wet on my night and early-morning legs, but my GPS watch was so bulky I couldn’t even put on and take off a warm-up coat over my Forerunner 305. A few girls in my van had the Forerunner 220 and loved theirs, so I bought one on Amazon (for about $200) before we even reached the beach. So far after 13 runs, varying from long, interval, tempo, and recovery runs, I love it.

Size: Even though the watch face looks large for a small wrist (see photo), the watch feels light and unnoticeable on my wrist. I actually think the design of the watch is pretty cute.

Accuracy: After 13 runs, I feel confident in the accuracy of the watch. One morning I wore it for 800 repeats on the track, and each interval consistently measured 0.50 miles.

Lap Pace: I love this model over the more basic Forerunner 10 because it includes lap pace. This field is so important when I’m on a tempo run or doing off-track repeats so I can see what pace I’m trending for the current lap. There is also a lap button, so it’s easy to start a new lap (repeat) at any point in a workout.

Fields: The only fields I really care about on a GPS watch are time, distance, average pace, lap distance, lap pace, lap time, and time of day. The 220 offers all of these fields and several more. When in use, I have access to three screens on the Garmin 220. There are three customizable fields for screens one and two, and the third screen displays time of day.

Wristwatch: As compared to my old 305, I love that the 220 can remain on all the time and be used as a wristwatch. Because the time of day is synced with satellites, it’s perfectly accurate. Awesome.

Bluetooth: The 220 syncs via Bluetooth with my iPhone. When in unlocked mode, it can connect to my phone and sync my runs with Garmin Connect. I have Garmin Connect set up to link automatically with Strava, so my run data is all there almost instantly when I finish running.

So far, I feel like this was $200 well spent, even with my old GPS still workable. The lighter/smaller profile, ability to use as a wristwatch, and the Bluetooth syncing feature have made it a worthwhile purchase.

I love this shoe!!

I have been running in the 1400’s for a little over a year. I love this shoe. I can wear it on the trail or the road, on dry, wet or snowy surfaces and it always performs. I recent ran in very cold snowy conditions in the Midwest and it had the perfect amount of traction. It is very lightweight and I barely notice that I have shoes on at all. It provides the perfect amount of support for my neutral running self and I love how I can feel the road beneath my feet.
For my last marathon I had to wear a brand new pair out of the box, yes s major racing no no but when they get lost in the mail sometes you do what you have to do. I had absolutely no issues and I loved them!! I highly recommend this shoe!!

As good as it gets.

I’ve used a lot of running watches and I think this watch is as good as it gets. When I say that, I mean, it’s NOT perfect, but as perfect as possible. It’s made by the leaders in GPS technology. It’s not totally intuitive, you have to learn to use it and in a wind storm or some crazy gravitational vortex you will be running a 4:40 pace or a 16:30 pace depending on it’s pull. I’m sure there are several things it can do that my small mind has yet to learn. It is, however, the best on the market for GPS. It has a life span of about 2-3 years, so work that into your running budget. They will NOT last forever. But, during your journey with your beloved Garmin 620, it will tell you your splits, total time, mileage, you can download all of the information online and overall is the best that’s out there to provide all of this information. And it’s white and sleeker than it’s bulky, dark colored predecessors. I love it.

This ball changed my life
  • sabes reviewed 3 years ago

Seriously-I love this ball. This past summer, I was running some high mileage while training for a couple of half marathons. As a result, I started to experience tightness in my SI. My friend kept telling me about the Supernova. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to be convinced. It wasn’t until the tightness in my SI left me completely unable to run that I decided to give the Supernova a try.

I’m so glad I did. I use this ball daily. It has decreased the tightness in my lower back, hip, hamstrings and SI. My husband also swears by it for his quads and even back. In the past, I’ve used foam rollers. They have nothing on the Supernova. This ball allows me to move my body easily in several directions, all while maintaining pressure and relieving tightness.

My husband and I swear by this ball. It goes everywhere with us. I wish I had bought it years ago.

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Fabulous lightweight shoe

The Sayonara is the updated version of the Mizuno Precision. It is a neutral and light-weight shoe. I like it for tempo runs on concrete roads because it has more cushioning than most light-weight and minimalist shoes. It also has a good sized toe box and feels great throughout my runs.

protein enhanced UCAN for recovery, meal replacement, anything :)

I use protein enhanced UCAN (Vanilla Cream is my favorite) on a daily basis. It is a great post-run recovery drink and the super starch helps to keep your blood sugars stable after the workout. I love how I can drink it and it allows me enough time to come home, clean up and then make a good meal decision, instead of coming home after a workout starving and looking for anything to eat. I am also in my car a lot and spend a lot of time on I-5…as you know there are not always the healthiest food choices right off freeway exits. I always keep a packet or two in my car to have as a meal replacement or mid-afternoon snack. While it is great with just water, I also will blend it with things such as almond milk, almond butter, bananas, coconut water, etc…

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Can't believe they work so good!

Due to having a long second toe and a short big toe I am prone to pinched nerves in my feet, and have recently fought with a Morton’s Neuroma in my right foot. I wish that I’d found Toe Spacers sooner, as once I started using it my recovery time has sped up drastically. I’ve always been a “gear skeptic,” but I can’t say enough good things about using spacers to relieve the misery of a foot neuroma. I’m hoping that if I keep using them, the nerve pinches will be a thing of the past.

My favorite tank!!

Hands down my ultimate favorite tank to run in during hot weather or indoor exercise is the Nike Fly Tank . The breathable material combined with the minimal design provides ultimate airflow for optimal cooling. If you have ever wanted to go sports bra on a treadmill or machine but its against the gym dress code, this tank is for you. Now as a pregnant runner, I also prefer not showing off my bare belly when running, so this gives just enough coverage without the excess fabric. Goal accomplishing – staying as cool as possible in the heat of Arizona. I love the t-back design.

Love this shoe!
  • MJA reviewed 4 years ago

This is a great neutral, lightweight and soft yet responsive shoe. I wear it for everything from easy runs to track workouts to the marathon. They come in fun, bright colors and are super comfortable.

Reasons I am only giving 4 stars:
*Not the best shoe in the rain
*Have had to replace quicker than other shoes (around 250 miles)

This is my favorite shoe. It feels great on my feet and is light enough for both training and racing!

A great lightweight structured shoe

The Nike Zoom Fly is a great lightweight structured shoe. I started wearing this shoe after coming back from a foot injury. The shoe was recommended to me by my sports pt because it has a stiff, structured outside portion which stabilizes your 5th metatarsal and cuboid. The shoe has a narrow feel without a lot of bulk. It is a good shoe for the roads and trails, short runs and long runs as well. It is a nice all-around shoe.

A definite favorite!
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I’ve had a pair of the Lululemon Inspire Crop tights for a few years (so it’s probably a prior version), and among my many pairs of tights, they’re one of my most favorites. The fabric is soft and smooth against my skin, they fit really well through the hips and crotch (I hate saggy tights!), they have a flattering cut, and a nice rise, (not too low or too high). They breathe really well, so I don’t feel overheated even when I wear them to the gym for cardio. The back zip pocket is big enough to just barely fit my iPhone 5s, and the waistband pockets are great for gels, shot blocks, or a key. I’ve had them for years and they still look like new, they wear so well. Love them!

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Best shoes ever!

I have two pairs of hot pink and neon green Asic Gel Kayanos. Not only do they look flashy and fast, they provide stability for my overpronation with enough foot coushion while not being heavy like many other shoes I have tried. I scrapped my GT2050 rut when I found these for great deals on My sister in law that has bad knees just bought a pair of last years model for under $90 bucks at Nordstroms and loves them.

Fast, light, and good traction

I love this shoe! One thing I really like about this racing flat is the tackiness on the forefoot. Racing in the Pacific Northwest means alot of racing on wet roads. Unlike other racing flats, I know that when I go to make a move or power up a hill in a race I’m not going to loose ground by slipping with this shoe. The shoe is also feather light (5 oz). I wear these shoes for the half marathon and shorter. I also use this shoes for track work. They are fantastic on the track but yet cushioned enough to handle a long warm-up and cool down on the roads.

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great light but stable shoe

I’ve always struggled with trying to find the right shoe. I went back and forth from smooshy too much cushioning to having something with too much stability and across the spectrum. After having months of SI joint and hip issues (and weekly visits to my chiropractor), he suggested getting fit tested again with a gait analysis. I hadn’t done this for quite a while and knew I needed to start from ground zero again. I’d run in the Saucony Kinvara previously and liked the light weight shoe. It also felt stable enough for me.

I tried these along with another Saucony. The Asics were the winner mostly because of it’s much simpler construction. There’s no stitching or logo to battle with across my outer foot or little toe area which seems to always be a problem for me. They are light as a feather. My pronation is no longer as severe so there is enough stability and arch support. As I’ve been working back into my running and getting my hip and core issues sorted out, these are plenty of shoe for me to hit the reset button in.

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Lightweight training shoe

I wore the Mizuno Wave Elixir for years and was worried when they discontinued that line. The Sayonara was recommended to me as a similar shoe that provided neutral support. I love how lightweight they are and low to the ground without being a racing flat.

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UCAN is the best fueling product I have used

I am not a huge endorser of products unless I truly believe in them. UCAN is one of those products that has made a impact in my running life. I was introduced to UCAN during a time when I could hardly run due to major hydration and GI issues caused by a autoimmune condition. It was suggested I use UCAN by Krista Austin Ph.D, Exercise Physiology & Sport Nutrition to help my body hydrate more effectively. She told me to use it before and after long runs and hard workouts. During that time, it made all the difference in the world in my ability to even run at all.

It’s been years since then and I’m still using UCAN. I’m healthy now but I continue to enjoy the benefits of the consistent energy UCAN provides. I no longer have GI issues and feel my body likes how easy UCAN is to digest and use. I fuel before long runs/hard workouts with the Cran-Raz and use the Chocolate protein after. I like to mix the Chocolate in my blender with peanut butter and sometimes a banana. I look forward to this treat after my long runs!

A bit of a warning, the pre workout powder tastes a bit chalky but it’s worth it. The post workout chocolate is quite good I think. My only complaint about UCAN is I find it to be a bit spendy. Must be worth it though because I’ve used it consistently for three years and don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Great Recovery Day Shoe!

This shoe is perfect for those days following a workout or long run where I just want to sit back and spit out some slower miles – especially when I have to run on pavement, the softness of the Fresh Foam really helps take away that pounding feeling. I love the pillowy feel while still being extremely lightweight. Lastly, I really appreciate the simple upper and one piece midsole and outsole components – makes for a smooth ride regardless of whether you’re landing on your heel, mid or forefoot!

Very good GPS watch

I have been using this for over an year now. Ran around 600 miles so far using this and I’m quite satisfied with it. Good battery life, gets the signal relatively quickly. I’ve paired it with my HRM and also a foot pod. During indoor runs on treadmills it uses the foot pod to measure the distance and I’m ver impressed to say it is accurate to 0.02 miles. Overall nice gps watch. I’ve used it only for running and not for other sports yet.

game changer

I started using UCAN 4-5 years ago after my chiropractor recommended it to me. I had been struggling with GI distress during races that were causing me to not fuel, bonk and have less than stellar performances. Justin told me that there was “a new product from this small company in Connecticut that some of the pros (MEB!) are starting to use and having some success. Its a little chalky, but you might want to look into it” I came home that day and looked on the Generation UCAN website. I read the science behind UCAN and it made sense to me, so I decided to order some…and it really has been a game changer for me. A couple of times, I have decided to try some other product, but I would experience GI distress and then come right back to UCAN. My favorite flavor is the tropical orange and I always recommend to people that they blend it…it helps to eliminate the chalkiness. I use the superstarch before runs and workouts, as well as before and during races including half marathons, marathons and a half ironman triathlon. The energy is long and sustained, as it helps your body get into a fat burning zone more quickly. I love how simple it made my fueling for my half ironman. Where most athletes were having to fuel every 45 minutes or so on the bike and then every 2-3 miles on the run, I fueled a total of 4 times during my race…once in T1, twice on the bike, and once in T2. I completed the race in just under 6 hours on about 600-700 calories and never once felt energy deprived or like I needed fuel. I recommend UCAN to anyone and everyone I talk to. It is a great product and has made all the difference for me.

Running Sports Bra

After years of searching for a good sports bra that was supportive for those with a C cup or greater, and didn’t chafe anywhere after a long run I found this sports bra at Lululemon. I was fortunate enough to find it on the sale rack in just the right size, and have since bought 6 more. Excellent, supportive sports bra. Has been washed many times after long runs and still continues to smell fresh. Very please with the fact it doesn’t chafe because I always had a problem with that in the center of my chest– I can now train and race with this problem and I don’t have to worry about any issue. Very pleased with this sports bra and would recommend it to everyone, especially those with larger chests!

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Definitely worth trying!!!

I had read several blogs of runners who use this product so when I was at REI picking up some fuel and I saw the Sport Legs I decided to give them a try.
Try them for the first time in a marathon, why not?? I followed the instructions and took them before the race. I did not take any during but could have after the 2 hour mark. While I can not say for sure that it was due to the Sport Legs this was by far the best my legs have felt in a race. I did not get the marathon burn until mile 24 and my legs felt really good after the race. Tired but they did not hurt. I did have post race soreness but way less than any of the other 10 marathons I have run.
I will be trying these again once I am doing long hard workouts again.

A must for runners with lower-leg/foot pain
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

This past year, I’ve struggled with pain in my right heel and other parts of the foot. Correct Toes​ have helped decrease foot pain, increase range of motion through my Achilles, and allow me to run and train as much as I want to. I started wearing Correct Toes in March after sustaining a bad heel injury while running the CIM Marathon on December 7, 2014. I started running a little bit in mid-January, but I felt like my foot didn’t really turn the corner until I began stretching my calves several times a day and wearing Correct Toes regularly. Gradually I worked into wearing them several hours a day. I felt CT stretching out my feet and Achilles and even up into my calf initially, and they helped me increase my mileage and incorporate speed workouts again.

When I started doing speed workouts, I remember coming home from one session feeling like “Uh-oh, I might have messed up my foot tonight”. I put in Correct Toes when I got home and felt them stretch out my foot and all was well.

After my foot was feeling decent for a while, I tapered off wearing my Correct Toes just out of forgetfulness. In July, I went on an international trip where I didn’t run very much, and when I came home and started running again, my foot got pretty sore, and I was worried. I started wearing Correct Toes several hours a day and stretching my calves, and my foot felt so much better within 3-4 days.

I really want to see if they will straighten out my toes. As you can see from the attached picture, my toes angle out. I need to be more consistent at wearing them to see if they’ll straighten out my feet over time.

A couple of notes. I did do the pinky-toe modification where I cut off part of the last spacer that goes between the 4th and 5th toe. When I first started wearing them, they would shimmy out from between my toes so I would have to keep bending over and sticking them back in, pretty annoying. I contacted the company and they recommended I wear a loose sock over them, and that works perfectly at keeping them on as I’m walking around.

Honestly, if you’re having any kind of foot/Achilles pain, I highly recommend trying Correct Toes. The cost is less than one PT/Chiropractor/Massage appointment and totally worth it in my opinion.

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