My form is improving with this shoe
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 is the first 4mm drop shoe that has actually worked for me. I’ve tried the Brooks Pure Flow and Saucony Kinvara previously and they didn’t work out for me. It takes me several runs to decide what I think of a shoe, but after wearing the New Balance 980’s for dozens of miles, it’s promoting a more forefoot strike that is helping my right hip engage and help me run straighter!! My running form feels smoother as a result. It feels soft and supportive while remaining lightweight in feel. It feels stable and neutral underfoot, and I like that it has a slightly lower profile than more traditional running shoes.

I find myself reaching for this shoe time after time. I love rotating it with the New Balance Fresh Foam NYC Zante and the New Balance 1400.

My favorite tank!!

Hands down my ultimate favorite tank to run in during hot weather or indoor exercise is the Nike Fly Tank . The breathable material combined with the minimal design provides ultimate airflow for optimal cooling. If you have ever wanted to go sports bra on a treadmill or machine but its against the gym dress code, this tank is for you. Now as a pregnant runner, I also prefer not showing off my bare belly when running, so this gives just enough coverage without the excess fabric. Goal accomplishing – staying as cool as possible in the heat of Arizona. I love the t-back design.

Bring on the Rain
  • Amy reviewed 11 months ago

I have been searching for the ultimate waterproof and breathable running jacket for about four years as I live in the Portland, Oregon area and run in steady rain frequently. With an especially wet October this year, I renewed my quest and decided to give The North Face Hyper Air GTX jacket a try. I was intrigued it is made from a brand new Gore-tex Active material that claims to be ultra breathable and have a permanent beading surface.

Out of the box, I was impressed with how light and thin the jacket is. I tried it on and found the fit to be tailored and flattering, definitely a well-constructed jacket. The hood fits perfectly, there are two deep zip-pockets at the front, the sleeves are nice and long, and there’s adequate room through the shoulders. I like that it dips slightly longer in the back.

My first run in the jacket was nine miles in steady rain (probably 70-75 minutes) in the mid-50’s. I layered a thin wool running t-shirt underneath. The hood was comfortable and stayed on without a problem. I felt damp through my forearms where my arms were bare under the jacket, but I was still comfortable. All the way to the end of the run, water was still beading on the surface of the jacket. After the run, I took it off and was shocked that much of my shirt was still dry. I was a little wet through the center of my chest, but I hadn’t zipped the jacket up entirely for the whole run, so I figured some water had leaked in down my neck. I wasn’t overly sweaty either, just the normal amounts from running (it’s actually breathable!). I was tentatively quite excited that I might have found “the one”.

Since that run, I’ve worn it in two more very rainy runs, both in the low to mid-50’s. One run was 90 minutes with rain coming down so hard in parts I might as well have been standing under a rain gutter. When I got home, my shirt was visibly damp through the chest and shoulders (I think from rain coming down my neck again – I need to see if wearing a hat with a bill eliminates this problem), but there were parts of my shirt that were still visibly dry and the hair on top of my head was completely dry from wearing the hood. I couldn’t believe it! Even more, rather than rushing to the shower right after the run, I took my time stretching, doing core, eating breakfast, and I wasn’t freezing.

I have washed the jacket in the washing machine (on cold, hang dry), and it hasn’t affected the waterproof performance at all. The waterproof properties come from the material itself, not from a coating that can wear off. The jacket really lives up to its claims of being waterproof and breathable.

To view my full blog post on this jacket, visit

Review for Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 women's running shoe

I recently started to run in Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 shoe. I would have never selected these shoes but a good friend within the running community asked me to run in them. I am very selective on my running shoes because I have flat feet and have been told many times that I should run in motion control shoes or add inserts for support to my shoes. So for years, I wore Asics Evolution, Asics Foundation, and Saucony Stabil, and didn’t have any problem with my arches. If I ever tried to run more than 3 miles in any other shoe, my feet would begin hurting because the shoes just lacked the support that my feet required.
When my friend fitted me with the Brooks Adrenaline, she told me to go up ½ size up from what I typically had been running in (I typically would wear a 7-1/2 and went up to an 8). She recommended the increase in size because of the high mileage I was doing and she couldn’t have been more right. The shoe is also lighter than what I was currently running in and I noticed it as soon as I laced up and went out for my first run on my new shoes. I highly recommend this shoe to individuals who are flat footed or overpronators. Happy Running!

Amaze Ball!

This ball surpasses all my expectations! I have had low back and SI joint issues and this ball keeps me running and working out to my full potential. I will never use a lacrosse ball or tennis ball ever again. I love how it doesn’t slip because of the gripping surface it has. I recommend this to anyone who uses foam rolling and self care to prevent and treat injury!

  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago

I’ve been using NAAWK spray sunscreen SPF 50 and 30 on myself and my kids throughout the summer, and I’ve become a fan. We’ve used it before swimming and running and have found it to be completely effective at preventing sunburns, an absolute must. I love how the nozzle works – the spray comes out very light and even to quickly cover the skin. I feel like I can cover my kids in sunscreen more quickly with this brand than others I’ve tried. The smell is pleasant, and I like supporting a product and company that is environmentally-friendly. NAAWK sent me quite a few samples of their sunscreen at the beginning of the summer which I shared with my running friends, and they give the product rave reviews as well. I highly recommend!

No "breaking in" required, less joint pain, no black toenails :)

I’m on my fifth pair of these…I love them. I’ve been running for 17 years, and these are by far my favorite shoe. Barefoot/minimalist running definitely changes your gait (shortens your stride and puts your feet under you instead of extended in front), so when I made the switch to these, I did it gradually to avoid being super sore. I wore them for short runs only at first, and built up to full-time wear over a couple of months. I’m so glad I did. I used to get sharp pain up under my toes sometimes, and never do now. If I ever put my regular running shoes on for a run, I feel that pain again, but for whatever reason, never do in the Five Fingers. I also have way less knee pain in these–almost none.

I ran my first full marathon last spring, and I ran them in these. Loved them every step of the way. Because they fit your feet like a glove, with spaces in between each toe, there’s no jamming of your feet/toes as you run step after step (read: no black or dead toenails). You don’t wear them with socks, which means no blisters. They really are like an extension of your foot. I love them. They’re all I wear now. And because I know what size I am, I can just order a new pair when I need to, slip them on, and go. No breaking them in. Mine have lasted around 500 miles before I wear a small hole in the sole and buy a new pair.

A must for runners with lower-leg/foot pain
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

This past year, I’ve struggled with pain in my right heel and other parts of the foot. Correct Toes​ have helped decrease foot pain, increase range of motion through my Achilles, and allow me to run and train as much as I want to. I started wearing Correct Toes in March after sustaining a bad heel injury while running the CIM Marathon on December 7, 2014. I started running a little bit in mid-January, but I felt like my foot didn’t really turn the corner until I began stretching my calves several times a day and wearing Correct Toes regularly. Gradually I worked into wearing them several hours a day. I felt CT stretching out my feet and Achilles and even up into my calf initially, and they helped me increase my mileage and incorporate speed workouts again.

When I started doing speed workouts, I remember coming home from one session feeling like “Uh-oh, I might have messed up my foot tonight”. I put in Correct Toes when I got home and felt them stretch out my foot and all was well.

After my foot was feeling decent for a while, I tapered off wearing my Correct Toes just out of forgetfulness. In July, I went on an international trip where I didn’t run very much, and when I came home and started running again, my foot got pretty sore, and I was worried. I started wearing Correct Toes several hours a day and stretching my calves, and my foot felt so much better within 3-4 days.

I really want to see if they will straighten out my toes. As you can see from the attached picture, my toes angle out. I need to be more consistent at wearing them to see if they’ll straighten out my feet over time.

A couple of notes. I did do the pinky-toe modification where I cut off part of the last spacer that goes between the 4th and 5th toe. When I first started wearing them, they would shimmy out from between my toes so I would have to keep bending over and sticking them back in, pretty annoying. I contacted the company and they recommended I wear a loose sock over them, and that works perfectly at keeping them on as I’m walking around.

Honestly, if you’re having any kind of foot/Achilles pain, I highly recommend trying Correct Toes. The cost is less than one PT/Chiropractor/Massage appointment and totally worth it in my opinion.

Excellent running socks with awesome padding
  • Miriam reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Bought 2 pairs of Thorlo Experia running socks and liked them so much that I went back to Dicks Sporting Goods store and bought 2 additional pairs. Dicks had a sale (Buy 1 get 2nd half off). Since they are about $15 a pair, it was a good deal. Now I have 4 pairs and wear them all the time for running, gym and in the house….I have them in almost every color (pink/purple/yellow/gray).
These socks have excellent padding in the heel and forefoot, but not too much padding…just enough. They also seem to hold up in the washer well and be made out of quality material. Since I bought them, I have been telling my friends about them and they all went out and bought a few pairs for running as well. You can’t go wrong with these socks.

This ball changed my life
  • sabes reviewed 3 years ago

Seriously-I love this ball. This past summer, I was running some high mileage while training for a couple of half marathons. As a result, I started to experience tightness in my SI. My friend kept telling me about the Supernova. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to be convinced. It wasn’t until the tightness in my SI left me completely unable to run that I decided to give the Supernova a try.

I’m so glad I did. I use this ball daily. It has decreased the tightness in my lower back, hip, hamstrings and SI. My husband also swears by it for his quads and even back. In the past, I’ve used foam rollers. They have nothing on the Supernova. This ball allows me to move my body easily in several directions, all while maintaining pressure and relieving tightness.

My husband and I swear by this ball. It goes everywhere with us. I wish I had bought it years ago.

still my favorite running socks

been buying these socks for about 5 years now – the cushion in the toe and heel is great, they’re super comfy, stay dry very well, and last pretty long as far as socks go (i put in 60-80 miles a week so i can plow through socks). a little pricey so i’m always looking for sales or discounts.

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Adios Boost is a winner

The Adidas Adios Boost is the first racing flat to utilize the new “Boost” technology by Adidas and it is fantastic.

The Boost technology claims to return more energy return than any other midsole material used in the running industry. In addition it is not affected by the environment meaning it feels the same at 10 degrees as it does at 110 degrees. That in itself makes the shoe unlike any you have every written.

The Adios Boost uses a slimmer midsole than the Energy Boost and other midsoles in the Adidas running line. The midsole is very responsive and this shoe works for distances up to the half-marathon as well as track workouts and tempo runs. It is extremely responsive with a very breathable upper which comes in a variety of colors. The toe box is roomy and I did not find any stitching or other issues with the upper which would cause irritation.

The outsole has exposed areas of the Boost midsole, but the carbon rubber overlays wear well enough that I have not experienced any issues with the midsole being damaged or compromised over the life of the shoes. You will also likely notice that the outsole wears out before the midsole, which is unusual and gives further testament to the unique properties of the Boost technology.

If you have worn a previous version of the Adios you will find this upgrade very pleasing. The midsole feels softer without compromising performance and as noted above is very responsive. I’ve given the shoe 5 stars because quite frankly there are not a lot of racing flats out there that are comfortable enough to wear for everyday training, which if you like a minimal shoe, the Adios Boost would allow.

Give the Adios Boost a look if you want a lightweight responsive racing flat which can double as a lightweight trainer.

It really works!!!

I have had many issues with tight hamstrings, glutes, hips, quads, and IT band. I previously used a mix of the foam roller and a lacrosse ball to work out my tightness but found that the foam roller didn’t go deep enough and the lacrosse ball almost went too deep. This ball is the answer and it really works well. If I am tight at all after a long run or workout, I spend a little time rolling out the area. When I wake up the next day, I’m almost surprised to find the tightness gone. But it is! It’s like a targeted sports massage but better because I can use it whenever I need it! I highly recommend the Supernova!

It will invite attention

I bought this tank because it was breathable and lightweight for the stair-master and running. Little did I know that it would attract so much attention! I get so many compliments on it! People that I have never seen or met often tell me that it looks so cool. And while it does its job of being extremely light and airy, be warned, you will want to purchase new sports bras to flaunt underneath.

Exactly what I wanted in a GPS watch
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago

I’ve run with an older Garmin, the Forerunner 305 model, for several years. It worked perfectly but was so heavy and bulky that the only time I used it was on tempo runs and some long runs. I kept wanting to buy a new Garmin but had a hard time justifying the cost when my current GPS watch worked perfectly. Fast forward to Hood to Coast a few weeks ago. The weather was chilly and wet on my night and early-morning legs, but my GPS watch was so bulky I couldn’t even put on and take off a warm-up coat over my Forerunner 305. A few girls in my van had the Forerunner 220 and loved theirs, so I bought one on Amazon (for about $200) before we even reached the beach. So far after 13 runs, varying from long, interval, tempo, and recovery runs, I love it.

Size: Even though the watch face looks large for a small wrist (see photo), the watch feels light and unnoticeable on my wrist. I actually think the design of the watch is pretty cute.

Accuracy: After 13 runs, I feel confident in the accuracy of the watch. One morning I wore it for 800 repeats on the track, and each interval consistently measured 0.50 miles.

Lap Pace: I love this model over the more basic Forerunner 10 because it includes lap pace. This field is so important when I’m on a tempo run or doing off-track repeats so I can see what pace I’m trending for the current lap. There is also a lap button, so it’s easy to start a new lap (repeat) at any point in a workout.

Fields: The only fields I really care about on a GPS watch are time, distance, average pace, lap distance, lap pace, lap time, and time of day. The 220 offers all of these fields and several more. When in use, I have access to three screens on the Garmin 220. There are three customizable fields for screens one and two, and the third screen displays time of day.

Wristwatch: As compared to my old 305, I love that the 220 can remain on all the time and be used as a wristwatch. Because the time of day is synced with satellites, it’s perfectly accurate. Awesome.

Bluetooth: The 220 syncs via Bluetooth with my iPhone. When in unlocked mode, it can connect to my phone and sync my runs with Garmin Connect. I have Garmin Connect set up to link automatically with Strava, so my run data is all there almost instantly when I finish running.

So far, I feel like this was $200 well spent, even with my old GPS still workable. The lighter/smaller profile, ability to use as a wristwatch, and the Bluetooth syncing feature have made it a worthwhile purchase.

Beautiful sports bra that feels great on
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I have two of these Lululemon Energy Bras, and I love them. They come in vibrant colors, and the criss-crossing straps in the back are cute and unique. Lululemon fabrics are super soft to the skin so it feels great on. Lululemon says it’s a light support bra for yoga, but I found that if I buy a snug size, it’s super supportive (and still no problem to pull on over my head). I like that it comes with removable cups (a standard feature for Lululemon bras I believe). I have friends who have this bra and love it, too! Would definitely recommend it.

All Time Favorite Shoe

The Asics 2000 has been my favorite shoe for the past 15 years. It’s been in the Asics line-up for a long time, so it’s easy to get the older model for cheaper. I try other shoes for fun or different colors, but I usually end up back in this one. There is tons of cushioning.

Running Sports Bra

After years of searching for a good sports bra that was supportive for those with a C cup or greater, and didn’t chafe anywhere after a long run I found this sports bra at Lululemon. I was fortunate enough to find it on the sale rack in just the right size, and have since bought 6 more. Excellent, supportive sports bra. Has been washed many times after long runs and still continues to smell fresh. Very please with the fact it doesn’t chafe because I always had a problem with that in the center of my chest– I can now train and race with this problem and I don’t have to worry about any issue. Very pleased with this sports bra and would recommend it to everyone, especially those with larger chests!

Light stability even a neutral runner can love
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago

I was reluctant to order this shoe at first since I run almost entirely in neutral shoes, and this one is a lightly posted racing flat. However, I’m so glad I gave it a try! From the first run, it felt amazing. It provides just the right amount of cushioning, so my feet feel smooth on the ground. The posting feels like it’s gently supporting my Achilles without feeling rigid. I totally understand why Runner’s World shoe testers rave about this shoe.

My go-to racing flat is the New Balance 1400 which has a 10mm drop. Sometimes I wonder if the lower drop on this shoe, 6mm, makes it harder for me to push off as fast as I can in a higher drop shoe, but I think I’m probably just weird. :) Overall, I really love this shoe. It consistently feels great.

Great Recovery Day Shoe!

This shoe is perfect for those days following a workout or long run where I just want to sit back and spit out some slower miles – especially when I have to run on pavement, the softness of the Fresh Foam really helps take away that pounding feeling. I love the pillowy feel while still being extremely lightweight. Lastly, I really appreciate the simple upper and one piece midsole and outsole components – makes for a smooth ride regardless of whether you’re landing on your heel, mid or forefoot!

A definite favorite!
  • Amy reviewed 3 years ago

I’ve had a pair of the Lululemon Inspire Crop tights for a few years (so it’s probably a prior version), and among my many pairs of tights, they’re one of my most favorites. The fabric is soft and smooth against my skin, they fit really well through the hips and crotch (I hate saggy tights!), they have a flattering cut, and a nice rise, (not too low or too high). They breathe really well, so I don’t feel overheated even when I wear them to the gym for cardio. The back zip pocket is big enough to just barely fit my iPhone 5s, and the waistband pockets are great for gels, shot blocks, or a key. I’ve had them for years and they still look like new, they wear so well. Love them!

My go-to racing flat
  • Amy reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

The New Balance 1400 has been my go-to racing flat for 2.5 years. It feels light, fast, and comfortable for track workouts and tempo runs and provides just enough cushioning to get me through a marathon. I use it regularly for speed workouts and races, but I like a little more cushioning for recovery days. My only wish is that the toe box was slightly roomier. FYI, after about 200 miles, this shoe is done for me, even when the tread looks okay.


Hands down. Best shoe ever. And I’ve ran in a lot of shoes. Why, do you ask? Because, everything. The upper fits so well that it feels like nothing is on your feet yet when you run you suddenly feel that perfect amount of cushion. Enough cushion for a marathon! And yet it’s oh so responsive. Racing a road mile in these, I did not feel like I was losing energy in the shoe at all. The shape of the shoe is perfect as well. The 1400 proves that someone with crazy flexible and flat feet like myself can get away with a shoe like this because of the way the shape lets my foot support itself when I run. And can we talk about the colors? Pretty, cute, fun, and glow in the dark. It doesn’t get better than that! I only wish that it was made in widths as the racing fit last is a bit narrow, so I run in a men’s version for the D width. Crazy how a shoe can be so many things at once – my trainer, my racer, my lover…wait…

game changer

I started using UCAN 4-5 years ago after my chiropractor recommended it to me. I had been struggling with GI distress during races that were causing me to not fuel, bonk and have less than stellar performances. Justin told me that there was “a new product from this small company in Connecticut that some of the pros (MEB!) are starting to use and having some success. Its a little chalky, but you might want to look into it” I came home that day and looked on the Generation UCAN website. I read the science behind UCAN and it made sense to me, so I decided to order some…and it really has been a game changer for me. A couple of times, I have decided to try some other product, but I would experience GI distress and then come right back to UCAN. My favorite flavor is the tropical orange and I always recommend to people that they blend it…it helps to eliminate the chalkiness. I use the superstarch before runs and workouts, as well as before and during races including half marathons, marathons and a half ironman triathlon. The energy is long and sustained, as it helps your body get into a fat burning zone more quickly. I love how simple it made my fueling for my half ironman. Where most athletes were having to fuel every 45 minutes or so on the bike and then every 2-3 miles on the run, I fueled a total of 4 times during my race…once in T1, twice on the bike, and once in T2. I completed the race in just under 6 hours on about 600-700 calories and never once felt energy deprived or like I needed fuel. I recommend UCAN to anyone and everyone I talk to. It is a great product and has made all the difference for me.

Crop running tights

Definitely my favorite running crops EVER!! I started running in crops about 2 years ago because I thought everyone wearing them looked super cute. After buying my first pair of these, not only were they super cute, but the fit was AMAZING. They have a little compression in them so everything stays in its place, but also stays warm so that knees don’t start to get achy on my longer runs. I wear these in 90 degree weather as well as 40 degree weather (which is freezing here in Southern California). Super cute colors!! Recommend these for EVERYONE!

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