About me

Hi, I’m Amy.

So often in my running group in Portland, Oregon, I’ve heard a friend recently sidelined from an injury ask around for which health provider they should see to run healthy and pain-free again. Who is good with runners?  Who has successfully treated my injury? Is he or she an athlete?  I’ve created the Healthcare Providers Directory as a venue where runners can share and review the providers who have helped them run healthy and pain-free.

Helping others run healthy and happy is the whole goal of Running Favorites.

When I first moved back to Portland after college and a stint living in the midwest, I quickly tired of running by myself.  The Running Groups & Coaches Directory was added to help you find people to run with, and if you’re searching for a coach, to find the right match to reach your goals.

A little about me. I started running track in eighth grade and have been hooked ever since.  I competed in cross country and track in high school in Vancouver, Washington, working my way up to winning state in the 3200-meter race my senior year in track.  After high school, I ran for Brigham Young University’s women’s cross country and track teams, made some of my best friends, and had the opportunity to race on their team that won the Division 1 NCAA National Cross Country Championship in 2001.  Since college, I’ve had babies, run marathons, and still love competing in cross country.  Throughout my running experience, I’ve had my share of injuries, ups, and downs.  My attempt to share what I’ve learned through it all is recorded on my blog.

Contact me with any questions, comments, or input.  I’d love to hear from you!  Thanks for visiting RunningFavorites.com.