Justin Dean, DC

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3942 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214
3942 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard Portland Oregon 97214 US

Dr. Justin Dean graduated from Portland, Oregon’s, University of Western States, where he created the campus club Rehab 2 Performance. R2P bridged the gap between medical and sports-performance health professionals and aimed to deliver patients the most comprehensive of care. Since completing his program at Western States, Justin has pursued post-graduate training in rehabilitative sports-injury techniques, particularly for runners’ injuries. A former athlete, himself, Justin understands the types of chronic conditions that can plague athletic performance.

Back and Running!

I have been skeptical, to say the least, about most doctors and healthcare providers. And as a runner I have attempted to avoid going to the doctor, oftentimes being too late and they tell me to take a break and stop running. I ignore it, get hurt worse, and then sit and mope. With Dr. Dean, I was worried that he would do the same thing. And with a push from friends I made an appointment. With my jaded intentions I walked through the door expecting to hear I had a season ending injury and that I needed to take time off. Exactly the opposite! He sat me down, told me I just had things I needed to do to manage the pain, and in turn fix and eliminate the pain. He said that I could still run the race I had signed up for, and that I would actually become faster with his help! Who doesn’t like to hear that?? Thank you to Dr. Dean for all of his advice. He truly just wants to help runners get out there and enjoy the miles.

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March 6, 2015 12:09 pm
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Shin splints, Low back pain
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Yes. Runner, hiker, outdoor enthusiast
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50+ miles/week
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