Rod S. Dudley,LMT/Owner/Founder - Angelic Healing Hands

5.00 (1 review)
1225 NW MURRAY ROAD, SUITE 103, Portland, OR 97229

Specializing in Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Injury Management, Pregnancy Massage, and creator of FROMS™ (Full Range Of Motion Stretching) technique.

Miracle worker

I’ve been a runner for 35 years. I used to suffer for months with various types of injuries. After I started working with Rod, I found that he could resolve most issues in one or two visits, many of which I never thought could be fixed by massage. In some cases, orthopedists spent a lot of time and money fruitlessly trying to fix me, only for Rod to fix me in 1 or 2 inexpensive visits.

Date of Review
January 5, 2015 10:35 pm
Type of injury(s) this practitioner treated you for (Optional)
Achilles, Plantar fasciitis, Ankle tightness/pain, Knee pain, IT Band syndrome, Hamstring pain, Hip/glute/piriformis pain, Low back pain, Other
What are his/her go-to methods of treatment? (Optional)
FROMS - full range of motion massage method
How many miles do you usually run per week? (Optional)
25-35 miles/week
What is your typical training pace or a recent race time? (Optional)
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